Seeking God Together

A practical Companion for parish communities in meeting, welcoming and accompanying families, from conception to death.

Founded on the Catholic Church’s vision for marriage and family life, and sensitive to the complex reality of family today, the Companion aims to support parishes, schools and chaplaincies in their interface with families, identifying take-off and landing points for sensitive family ministry in the Seasons of family life. It offers support to those already engaged in accompaniment of families, and encourages confidence in others to get started. 

Seeking God Together
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  1. Conception to Birth

  2. Birth to starting school

  3. Childhood years

  4. Adolescent years

  5. Young adults and single people of any age

  6. Preparing for marriage

  7. Married and family life

  8. Empty nest and retirement years

  9. The later years

The Companion at a glance

  • Inspired by Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia on love in the family

  • Offering journey in faith model of family-centred accompaniment inspired by the Holy Spirit

  • Starting from a family perspective and meeting families where they are

  • Discovering and building on strengths

  • Developing confidence, and connecting family love as a place where God dwells

  • Offering a reference guide to ‘Seasons’ of family life

  • Creating space for conversation together

  • Template for planning review of parish family ministry in one or more ‘Season’

  • Useful for times of evangelisation and catechesis, moments of formation and guidance, and in opportunities for ritual/liturgy

  • List of recommended resources for each seasons at: www.catholicfamily.org.uk

Launched at World Meeting of Families 2018 in Dublin